360 Speed

360 Speed 1.0.0

Put pedal to the metal in this free racing sim


  • Choice of three cars
  • Challenhing gameplay


  • Graphical bugs
  • Not very exciting

Not bad

360 Speed is a free racing game for Java phones. It puts you behind the wheel of one of three different supercars in a race against the clock.

There are two courses in 360 Speed, though you need to beat the first one if you're to qualify for the second. This is no mean feat because this is a tricky game, and it will take you a lot of practice before you master the art of cornering. The controls themselves in 360 Speed are very simple. The Up button (or the 2 key) is used to accelerate, Down (or 8) to brake, and the left and right buttons (or 4 and 6) to steer. However, cornering in 360 Speed is very hard when you're traveling at high speed so you have to get used to braking at the right time.

360 Speed looks good at first glance, but there are lots of graphical glitches that are very off-putting. For example, when you're turning right around a sharp corner, the car disappears off the bottom of the screen. Also, when you hit a wall or a certain obstacle, the car sometimes ends up driving along on its side or flying through the air, which seems like a definite bug.

In terms of gameplay, 360 Speed makes for a fast-paced challenge, but it quickly becomes a bit boring. This is probably due to the lack of other cars and the lack of variety on the courses.

On the surface, 360 Speed looks like a nice game. Unfortunately it's let down by monotonous gamplay and some annoying bugs.

360 Speed


360 Speed 1.0.0

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